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April 01, 2011


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Love your cart! :-D
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.



I have looked every where for one of those carts! They are one in a million. Every time I go to a Antique or thrift store I ask if they ever see them, and the answer is always RARELY! I love yours. Thanks for sharing and if you ever run across one let me know. ha ha

Jill Harris

I was smitten with your cart when I saw it on the pages of "Flea Market Style" .... and thought only Amy Hanna would think of such unique touches! ... thank you for sharing more photos and how-tos here on your blog!

The cart is ALMOST as pretty as your jewelry designs ; )

Have a wonderful and and creative day ... xo JIll

Danette Darbonne

Hi Amy,
I never thought it was okay for me to have a cart to take to the flea market because it reminded me of my grandmother, who I loved, but she was old! Now that I see you have one, I know it is cool. Thanks for all your insights and all your beauty.
Au Revoir,

Rhonda P.

Hi Amy, your cart is wonderful. I found a wicker version once but I would prefer the wire one like yours.

I so love your new banner!

I am typing this from Paris, what a fabulous city - the flea market Saturday, did not disappoint.


Hi Amy I just want you to know I loved your spread on your cart in Flea Market Style magazine. I have an old one now you have inspired me to decorate it. xo Laura

furniture dry cleaning

It reminded me of my grandmother, who loved him, but he was old! Now I see you have one, I know it's cool. Thanks for all the insights and all the beauty.


love, love, love your cart!!! of course, love all the stuff you fill it with too. :)

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